I’m Too Busy. Really?

How many times do you hear yourself saying “I’m too busy”?  

I think it’s an incredibly clear statement we are doing things wrong. 

I have to confess, I’m as guilty as anyone of using this statement. But now I catch myself in the act. 

What I’ve observed over the years is so obvious to me right now. Out of all the things you could be doing you need only focus on a few things at a time to move the needle. Focus is the superpower of the successful Entrepreneur. The rest (99%) of us are, yep, you guessed it: “too busy”. 

Ironically, it is much easier to get caught up in the mundane than purposefully plan for the future. 

Guess what the #1 reason people don’t bother preparing their company for sale is?

They spin this line to me all the time: “This sounds like a great idea and totally makes sense, but I’m just too busy right now, so I’ll have to look at this later”.

To explain, my offering allows you to understand the value of business (likely your biggest asset) and provides you with a clear roadmap to 2-5X that value over a defined period to time. Giving you more options around IF and WHEN you exit, but they are too busy.

9 times out of 10,
I never hear from them again.

I always wonder what it is they’re actually doing – and is it providing the kind of ROI that is allowing them to move forward in life?

We need to stop and ask ourselves, what is the life changing opportunity that we are too busy to look into today?

Tragically we all have them…and sure…

We’ll get to it in the future

We’ll consider it when we have time

Next year, as soon as school holidays are finished or whatever our excuse is…

The reality is, there will NEVER be a time you aren’t busy. It’s called life. 

But you have to prioritise the things that are going to move the needle now, despite everything you’ve got  going on.

Is there something you think would be a great opportunity (perhaps life changing) and you’ve convinced yourself you are too busy to take action?

I only share this perspective from the experiences of seeing too many people not take action on stuff that really matters. They push new ideas aside in the hope that what has worked for them in the past is going to keep working for them in the future.

For me, I got rid of my to do list years ago. Only focusing on a few things at a time. See them through, do them well. Because only a few things are big enough to matter.

Being busy is not where I can create any opportunities or leverage that give me that jump in my income.

Busy, tells me you really don’t know what it is you should actually focus on.

I think it’s time we all stopped saying we’re busy, and be real with what it is we should be focusing on. Things that really matter…

If you know a new technology is the answer - buy it

If you need to shave down your to do list - do it

If there are people you should spend time with, who will make you happy or bring meaning to your life - meet up with them.

Join the mastermind, read that book…do the thing that will help you break away from all those busy people.

If you are too busy but interested to make a plan on how you will exit your business one day you can start right now.

See what your company is worth…go on…or are you too busy?

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