Execute a clear plan to maximize your company's value prior to exit.

We guide you step-by-step from initial valuation to final term sheet, ensuring your business sells and sells for maximum value.  

Hi, I’m Nik
Founder of Inflow.

We do business value creation first and acquisition advisory after.

At Inflow we give you clarity on the exact steps you need to take NOW to get the most value out of your business. We help you set a clear vision of what a perfect business and exit looks like for you and help you reverse engineer this outcome. 

Most founders think one day someone will come along and buy their amazing business.

In our experience the opposite is true. The reality is 80% of companies are unsellable, and of the 20% that are sellable, 50% of deals that enter an M&A process fall over because they fail due diligence. Its a brutal market truth that most will never get to experience unless you step into the void and experience it for yourself.    

We think there is a better way to do this so if you are serious about selling one day, this could be a great opportunity to get to know one another so we can get on the front foot with all this and put the frameworks in your hands that let you build a business with significantly more value than your peers and transact successfully.   

Our recommendation is simple. 

Preparation is everything. Start earlier than feels natural, know the mechanics behind your valuation and start building a list of potential buyers well before you’re ready to sell.

How do you build a business with transferable market value?

Then you need a process to capture that value when you decide to exit.

Exit Value Score

Take a 5 min quiz and learn what factors impact the value of your business.

Foundations Workshop

We'll evaluate your company’s EVS together and plot out the right path from here.

Valuation & Insights

We build detailed valuations and list out key insights that will help you reduce risk, improve earnings and maximize company value.

Build Exit Value

Once you know the value of your business you can then develop the right plan and invest in the areas a buyer will see as most valuable.

Drive Exit Options

When you track your business performance against the market, you will be better prepared. Combine this with a compelling story backed by all relevant data points puts your business in a strong position to be acquired. You know how to maximize value.

What our clients say

Five ways to make your company
2-3X more valuable.

Vision & Alignment

Owner alignment is vital. You have to be on the same page and row in one direction. A compelling vision backed with a sound strategy binds everything together.

Operations & Execution

A willingness to execute on the key strategic initiatives for growth and value improvements will drive real business results.

Competitive Advantage

Earnings growth and predictable cash flows are the byproduct of having unfair advantages and control over your demand curve.

Growth Curve

An exciting growth story is essential for companies looking for the acquisition opportunity.

Leverageable Organisation

Make your business worth more to your buyer than it is to you for the highest liquidity event possible.

Our Partners

The Valuation Playbook

Inside you’ll learn the 6 essential frameworks you’ll need to maximize your valuation and successfully exit your business. 

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Proactive founders create their exit
by taking early action.

Your exit is the single largest financial opportunity you'll ever have,
it would be a mistake not understand all your options.

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