Financial Management

It makes sense to have more reliable financial systems for better visibility over your business.

Every founder needs to be across the numbers and finances of their business. 

Good financial management is about being honest with how your business is performing…it’s about reflecting on the right things…

The financials inside of your business are tricky.

The faster you grow,
the less money you will have.

The slower you grow,
the less momentum you build.

Managing your cash flows and finances comes down to three important factors.


It’s important you track your numbers and liabilities. 

Your liabilities are not just taxes, but things such as loans, chargebacks, customer refunds…if you mismanage them your entire business can unravel, and quickly.


You must have a 90 day accurate financial forecast. 

There is a huge difference between your monthly or quarterly goals and your cash flow projections. Many founders attempt to make projections based on their goals. This is a massive mistake.

If you do this, most of the time you won’t hit your goals and now you’ve made poor financial choices based on the goals you didn’t hit. Instead, your revenue projections should be based on the underlying capacity of your business. The resources you have available and what you will collect.  

Now, when you spend your money, you know what is actually available to you and what isn’t. 


Don’t let opportunity blind you. 

It’s important to realize that as you gain traction in your business, the momentum and opportunities will blind you. It will feel like you have to take immediate action on once in a lifetime opportunities like getting that round of capital in the door, hiring or promoting your next awesome product or service.  

Whilst you might feel like you’re missing out on all these big opportunities, the reality is a lot of the time, it is the right thing, but often done at the wrong time. 

Being disciplined with your finances is hard. But if you neglect this part of your business all those fantastic opportunities won’t matter, because you simply will not have the money to pay for them. 

What you can expect.

We will build you an end-to-end financial management system with the tech and support services to keep your numbers, taxes and capital allocation in check.  

It’s not about accounting.

Financial management is about making sense of the numbers and using that information to make key decisions so you can take advantage of your opportunities in the right way…

Our service plans and packages

 We’ll work through the plan that’s right for you.

We provide accurate insights and progressive thinking and advice through our structured service packages which are implemented based on your stage of development, funding requirements, management and reporting needs.


Foundational Finance

For founders of early stage companies looking for an effective solution to manage their taxes and finances and explore their future funding options.

Streamline your bookkeeping, payroll, budgets and stay on top of all your tax and compliance obligations as you start to get your business off the ground. 


Enhanced Finance

For founders looking to engage with their finances and funding needs as you grow. Make sense of the changes happening in the business as your revenues and team expand.

Enhance the profit and performance of your company with regular insights and reporting to make swift decisions as your business grows.


Strategic Finance

For founders looking to implement a full support system to manage their finances, margins and cash flows to maintain profitability as you scale.

Integrate your businesses finances and capital needs as it scales-up into a much larger organization.

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