"In the short run, the market is a voting machine, but in the long run it's a weighing machine". Benjamin Graham.

What's is all about?

In simple terms inflow is the action of people and money to arrive in a certain place. 

It succinctly summarizes the core of our approach, the inspiration behind our name and the desire to work with like minded founders that want to build companies with enduring value.

So how does it relate to you? Great place for us to start a conversation… 

Businesses that are highly energized, clean, fresh and on an up-curve with predictable profits attract investors and buyers. They create, store and multiply value. 

They are the inflow business. 

But inflow businesses are in limited supply. Yet the global demand for them is massive due to the value they create over the long-term. 

Honestly few founders are really prepared for their exit.

Most think they are okay and will get through it. But the opposite is true.  

The Inflow Model:
Sharpen the saw on value creation

In comparison to other advisory models, we expect to earn our way in.  

Whether it’s a workshop, one to one call, or advisory deliverable you will experience our knowledge of finance and private capital markets that can be used to your advantage.     

Companies that can be sold are in short supply. But the demand for them is massive. Our business is all about helping you navigate the market place, organize what you need and connect the dots to get the deal done.

One study showed that only one in five companies listed (meaning people who were actively trying to sell their company) ever close the transaction.

If nothing proactive is done, the only result possible is one you will not be able to control. Meaning you end up in a tricky spot.

You can choose to wait and see what happens, for sure. But that’s not how value is maximized.

For most of us, no one is coming to buy our business. We have to go after that opportunity ourselves and be more intentional and realistic about what it will take to exit. It’s no easy thing, that’s for sure.

But the reality is buyers only want companies that are inflow. And they will pay the premium to get them. No doubt some critical shifts are needed. Some big, some small. And we can’t emphasize this enough.

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Our Journey

What brought us here is the realization of the above. We were a general accounting firm, for far too long. We are really good at it, but that in itself has never been enough to differentiate us from others.

To cut a long story short, we took a step back, worked out the problems businesses come up against are more important to solve than the services we provide.

That’s why we decided to sharpen our own saw and become purely focused on helping founders design and optimize their company to create maximum value.

Doing it this way gives you more OPTIONS. It becomes less about IF you can sell, and more about WHEN you decide to do it.

It’s not easy to build all the financial tools, frameworks and networks we have access to, but that’s a good thing because if something is easy anyone could do it and therefore these offerings would have little substance and value.

So if you would like to talk to us about creating an inflow business, then go ahead and book in a time to speak with us.

Meet the team

Nik Ahkin
Founder and Lead Advisor

Nik’s role is to help you quickly understand where you’re at and help you develop a plan to take your company from A to Exit. Keeping the end, top of mind. He’s an expert at pinpointing issues that impact your business and can show you the levers to pull for maximum value creation.

Nik is also director of FUNDSITION, an equity funding platform based in Australia, that helps companies connect with new capital and investors using a tech enabled process. 

When he’s not at work, Nik enjoys a surf, eating quality hamburgers and having fun at home with his three boys. Life is to be enjoyed and lived.

Natalie Gibling
Founder and Lead Advisor

Natalie leads our valuation and modelling team and advises clients every day. She will help you take charge of your finances and piece together the systems to connect your vision to your numbers. She’s an expert in financial analysis, business valuation and developing streamlined reporting to track the key metrics across your business.

When she’s not busy helping you to understand your finances, she loves cooking, outdoor sports and spending time with her three boys. But, whatever you do, don’t challenge her to a game of Chinese Checkers as she hasn’t lost a game for 15 years!

Jackie Stepto
Client Success

Erin Karpouzis
Client Success

Daniel Hampson
Modelling Guru

Bryony Woodrow
Executive Support

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