Most founders don't know how to to create the option to exit at a premium value.

The difference between selling your business for millions or walking away with nothing is a simple concept. Start early, be intentional and take the right steps toward a well defined outcome. 

Did you know: only 20% of companies who put their business on the market for sale actually close the transaction. There has to be a better alternative...

Most owners make a critical mistake when they think about selling their company. They wait until close to the time, (typically a year out or less), before they decide to initiate the process.  

You’ve likely built your company and success over many years. So why not extend this success into a well timed and executed exit transaction?

The single biggest financial opportunity for almost every founder is an exit. But there is a significant financial difference between those who plan their exit and those that don’t. In some cases it can millions of dollars of value vanishing if valuation isn’t maximized at the point of exit. 

The real risk is that if you rush or are forced into an exit process you are not prepared for, the odds of getting a great outcome go down. Leaving you disappointed and frustrated than if you took the time to start earlier, be more intentional and take the right steps. Because 90% of the value is created by just knowing the right steps to take.

The critical part most people skip

Without doubt the most important stage of the exit process is what you do well before the world ever knows you’re looking to sell your company. We call this the Value Creation stage and it’s a core component of the process we share with you along with our main philosophy…

Your EXIT has to correlate to someone else’s successful ENTRY.

Finding that intersecting point where you get maximum price and you’re buyer gets a valuable company that will continue long after you leave. 

Active Engagements

Business Valuation for M&A

Client goal
Determine the value of the business for internal succession and new management team or explore M&A opportunities.

Inflow Deliverable
Determine the price range the business would sell for if it went to market, and compare this with the internal succession option through a management buy-out. Helping the owners activate the optimal sale process over the next 12 months.

The opportunity:
How can you create maximum value on exit?

Value creation is a process, not a transaction. The sooner you begin the better. Get clear on the price expectations and set a realistic time frame. The more precise on valuation, terms and outcomes, the better.​

To sell your company successfully you need to be highly organized across your financials, legal, operations, technology, people, and revenue. A buyer will ask you for very specific things, so you best come prepared.​

Reverse engineer your company’s valuation (profit and multiplier) and do the math on what it’s worth to the buyer versus what it’s worth to you financially. Develop the irresistible exit story.​

Creating a company with strategic value is the single biggest factor in creating a better exit opportunity. We’ll show how to identify and package this into the exit process.​

Go to market with the right deal team and materials. Keep engagement levels high every step of the way. Present your irresistible exit story and make your company’s integration as seamless as possible.

Have the confidence knowing there is a defined process to follow, manage stakeholder expectations and negotiate the final price, terms and conditions to lock the exit in place.​

Most savvy buyers have a process.

As a founder selling your company, so should you.

Looking to sell your company but not sure where to start?

Get your score on each of the four key areas that build exit value.

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