What factors drive the value of your business?

In 15 minutes you will receive a customized report on the potential value of your company. It's easy, free and confidential.

How does it work?

Step 1

The Questionnaire

First, you go through a 15 minute questionnaire, where you answer a few questions which are typically asked during a business valuation process. You don’t need any technical know-how to complete this.

Step 2

The Valuation

Based on your answers, our system will estimate a first indication of the potential value of your company and provide you with an easy to read report.

Step 3

Book your exit value workshop

After you receive the report we invite you to book a 2 hour workshop with us.

In this workshop we will go through the current value of your company and strategies you can use to get to the future potential value you downloaded in your indicative valuation report. We will also assess the attractiveness of your business to a potential acquirer and provide a roadmap to maximize earnings, reduce risk and build exit value. 

Easy, free and confidential

Get an indication of your company’s value and craft a compelling exit story without the guesswork.

Frequently asked questions

Your data and information is of course handled with utmost confidentiality. Without your express approval no information is made available to any third parties.

It is often said that “valuation is more art than science” and of course every analysis is only as good as the assumptions and parameters that go into the analysis. In addition to that, the value of a company is heavily dependent on the subjective assessment of the future prospects of that company. As such, the Inflow valuation powered by Valutico should be understood as a value indication that might deviate from alternative approaches.

Our questionnaire is simple enough, for it to be answered without expert knowledge. All you need is some information about your revenues and earnings.

Through a combination of Big Data, our proprietary algorithms and swarm intelligence, Inflow powered by Valutico is able to perform valuation analysis with a high degree of automatisation. The valuation indication that you will receive is based on the so-called “multiples approach”. This means that your company is compared to the valuations of comparable companies, in order to derive an indicative value for your own company. The valuations seen in the capital markets are adjusted for the specific situation of your company using Valutico’s own proprietary Risk Scoring Model. This also includes certain often overlooked “soft” factors like dependence on individual managers, or individual clients and suppliers, but also strategic potential and market positioning.

Inflow powered by Valutico supports the majority of industries and is particularly useful for small and medium sized businesses (“SMEs”).

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