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Companies who can get themselves into a sellable format will typically sell between 1.5x-5x EBITDA. Your exact sale multiple will depend on the riskiness of your future cash flows in the eyes of the buyer.

Everyone’s situation is different but on average 3 months if exit planning has already been completed, 9-12 months if ownership has completed zero sales preparation and up to 3 years if your company needs to be restructured to become sellable. 

If you’re business is doing over $300K per year in EBITDA, has low owner dependence, no customer concentration issues, no supplier concentration issues and is running above 10%+ net margin, it’s sellable.

If your business does not fit the above criteria, it may still be sellable, but would need further discovery to determine. 

Between preparation costs, legals, accounting and business brokerage you will typically pay at least 10% of the sale proceeds. 

However most of our deals are “off market”, “recapitalizations” or “internal succession” exits. This avoids brokerage fees, however you still need to budget for a valuation, preparation costs, legal and accounting which would be between 3%-5% of the valuation price.  

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