Financial Modeling

Model your growth, pinpoint funding needs and move your business forward, not back.

Highly organized financial and operational data is the glue that binds the value of your business together.

Companies using data driven insights are creating the businesses of the future. 

Gaining control and clarity around your data and connecting this to your finances allows you to make better decisions, it’s that simple.

Growth is exciting for sure, but it comes with a few strings. 

People management, changing consumer needs, adopting new technologies and finding profitable marketing channels is the constant job for any founder and their management team. 

Without consistent insights around all this, the direction you think you can move to next can be tricky. 

But what if the answers were right under your nose? 


You’ve likely collected a massive amount of data in your business over the years. However for whatever reason we rarely take the time to organise and review it properly.

What insights are you missing here? And could they drive more value?

If you ever want to raise capital or sell your company you need to show your investor/buyer a financial success story. It has to be grounded in facts, not stories.

Going into any major transaction you need to demonstrate how your operating model works and connect this to the financial metrics people can understand and make a decision on.  

The more insights you can share the more value is likely to come out of the transaction. 

But the catch is this…  

If you want the insights that create value you have to organize the data first. 

We help you do this. By organizing, analyzing and then imbedding consistent reporting across the organization for you to leverage decisions and enter your next transaction with far more confidence.   

Getting the insights that show you and others how you solve problems, save costs, invest and generate more value. 

Organise and leverage your company's data and compound your valuation faster.

The flow of modelling solutions we delivery on.

Financial Modeling

We build financial models that help you communicate your unit economics, forecast your runway and create scenarios around the future growth, funding and investment needs of your company.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is critical to optimise revenue growth and overall performance of your entire business. Across your customer base, products, departments and locations. We map this to demand and supply planning, inventory and supply chain management for a more accurate view of how to grow and how much you should invest into that growth story.

Value Drivers

Monitoring the value drivers of a business lets you  simulate how to influence certain financial outcomes. What levers can you use to increase EBITDA, optimize cash holdings, improve working capital and increase shareholder value?

Performance Dashboards

Nowadays you can visualize the growth of your company with custom built dashboards. This measures and tracks the KPIs across marketing, sales, inventory, product delivery, operations and finances to ensure you are building the most valuable company possible.

Finance technology has come a long way over the years. We’ve invested heavily in the right tools and training to provide you with the best tech and reporting systems for your company.

Go beyond simple budgeting and forecasting and build a new generation finance stack that delivers the best insights.

Drive your strategy with accurate financials

Benefits include:

Gain confidence in the integrity and sustainability of your business model

Forecast cash flows and stay ahead of the funding needs of the business

Enhance customer acquisition and invest in marketing channels that drive the most demand.

Increase revenue by understanding customers more intimately to maximise LTV

Optimise supply chain and inventory management with accurate lead times, order quantities and stock levels

Reduce expenses and other costs to improve profit margins

Increase employee accountability across sales, operations and customer support

Plan investments in capex, systems and technology enablement and finance them with cost effective capital

Plan the future growth of your company with the key numbers at your fingertips

Ensure your strategy makes sense by modelling the outcome.

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