The Valuation Playbook

5 Strategies to Maximize Your Company’s Exit Value

Engage in a clear plan to maximize company value.

Inside you’ll learn:

The challenges that come with business exits
What creates equity value
The 5 strategies that create the most value
The specific tactics and metrics to target
How to gear your business for a strategic exit
And lot’s more…

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Did you know?

The amount your business is worth is based on many factors that impact the Valuation, terms and ultimate exit outcome for you as the owner…

These factors are rarely uncovered until you go to try and sell your business…

The price you dream of will be vastly different to the actual experience of selling your company. No action will leave a Value Gap, being the difference between the price you want for your business vs what it’s actually worth to the ultimate buyer.

Value and price misalignment is the number one reason why companies don’t sell.

That is unless you take the necessary steps to link value creation to a definitive exit strategy.

Your business becomes an attractive acquisition when you:    

De-risk the business

Show future growth and profit potential

Remove owner dependency by installing a manager.

The truest test of value is to understand how the market looks at your business.

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