Young workers plan for business success as they plan and execute a strategy. Workers are gathered around a table with paperwork.

Strategy Execution: The Key to Business Success

Success in business requires a number of essential ingredients. A sound strategy. A robust business model. Effective planning. Strong financial controls. A good team. Great systems. Measurement. Focus.

All those elements are not enough without this skill: Execution.

Execution will lead you to business success

Call it ‘getting things done’, making things happen, the action habit, extreme focus… call it what you like, for many entrepreneurs it separates mediocre from magic. Execution is the difference between a business that plods along from one year to the next, and one that grows, evolves, impresses, enriches.

Execution is a skill. Sadly, we’re not taught it at school. (Gee, but we all use those good ol’ quadratic equations each day!) The good news is that, as adults, we can go out and find the information and principles of effective execution, then apply them. Daily.

Because we want to fast track you on your journey towards becoming brilliant at execution, here are some books that we highly recommend that you not only read, but study, practice, and live by:

Read (or listen) to those books, and your mind will be permanently re-wired. Obstacles and frustrations will become Projects, Tasks, or Wildly Important Goals. And you’ll have a pragmatic framework for achievement and creating the change you want in your business and in your life. It’s powerful stuff.

We’d love to hear of your favourite books on this ‘execution’ topic, so please share them in the Comments below, and after you read (or if you have already read) any of the books above, please share with us the key principles and practices that have made the biggest difference to you in terms of ‘getting things done’ and executing your ideas.

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