Special Invitation for Members of the Leadership Think Tank:

Maximize Your Business Value & Create the Exit Opportunity

The single biggest financial opportunity for every business owner is an exit. Yet just one in five companies who attempt to sell their business ever close the transaction.  

Each of us must make the leap at some point. But there is a massive disconnect between the perception and the reality of exits. We think our company is worth one amount, when it’s actually worth half or three-quarters of that amount. 

To help members of the LTT community get clear on the ideal exit process we are hosting a one-hour workshop that will show you the critical components needed to increase the value of your business and successfully exit at maximum value. 

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Maximize Your Business Value Workshop

30 March 2023 | 12.00pm EST

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Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this FREE workshop:

Your exit is not about some transaction, it's about preparation. An early start ensures you have enough time to maximize company value and choose the right exit option for you.

Business transfer methods and HOW to match your company to specific buyer types so you know WHO you should talk to and more importantly, who you should avoid.

Why your Valuation (not your bank balance) is the measuring stick you need at your disposal to help you make key decisions around the future growth of your company.

The big mistakes most owners make when they attempt to sell their business and exactly how to avoid them.

And a whole lot more on how to position your business the right way so you can successfully exit without leaving hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on the table.

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